A kids birthday party can be a den for sugary sweets. For most the occasional treat is okay, but parties and such occasions can result in a sugar overload.

Here we have a selection of no added sugar recipe ideas perfect for a party, that don’t sub out on fun or flavour!

Zucchini and feta pizzas
These simple and delicious pizzas offer a slowly released source of nutritious energy to keep the kids sustained for party-game focus!

The recipe uses a chickpea flour pizza base that can be made in advance.

06 Zucchini and Feta Pizzas

Beetroot chips
A super simple answer to store-bought crisps, and you can choose to flavour as you want without the added sugar or artificial ingredients.

Try salt and a little pepper, salt and a little cinnamon, or smoky paprika, cumin and salt.

Want to get a little fancier? Try these crunchy kale chips with fennel salt. Yum.

Cups of carrot soup
If there is a veggie most kids dig, it’s carrots. Especially good for cooler months, serving up small cups of soup for kids to sip and slurp ensures they enjoy some nutrition on a typically nutritionally devoid day!

If you have a preferred soup recipe that’s a winner with the kids, use that instead! Just be wary of the consistency – if it is very thick or has chunky bits, you may need to supply spoons as well.

Carrot Soup with Ginger and Mint

Pork or chicken meatballs
Whether you have a basic recipe up your sleeve or wish to try one of our pork or chicken recipes, little meatballs with some plain yoghurt, hummus dip or roasted tomato sauce are great for filling the little bellies.

Smoothie pops
Try any of these recipe ideas or get creative with your own concoctions to serve up tasty ice blocks that won’t result in a sugar crash.

All you’ll need are some moulds, something to use for popsticks, a blender, and ice block worthy foods to blend!

Smoothie pops

Watermelon frappe
For summertime parties, this simple (and cost-effective) slushie is a winner.

That Sugar crackles
Move over honey joys. Super tasty treats that can be taken home by party-goers, if you prefer. The recipe calls for popping your own quinoa, but you can easily buy some pre-puffed from the store.

Another delicious alternative is puffed millet, quinoa and tahini bars!

That Sugar crackles

Nutty banana bread balls
All the scrumptiousness of traditional banana bread while being good for you!

Leave the sugar-laden, refined white flour banana bread recipe behind and opt for these balls of real, whole food goodness.

Choc banana celebration cake
Banana and chocolate. Two favourites among kids!

The cake is naturally sweetened by banana and dates, and while one shouldn’t go overboard with dried fruit, it is great as a delectable and natural sweetener for celebratory creations such as this!

For individual serves, an alternative is our cocoa muffin, which you can top with chilled, whipped coconut cream, a dollop of thick Greek yoghurt, or a little strawberry chia jam.

03 Choc Banana Celebration Cake

Keep it simple
Quick and easy options can include:

  • Veggie sticks with hummus
  • Sliced cheddar cheese sticks or fun shapes cut with cookie cutters
  • Sliced fruit and 100% seed or nut butter (we’ve a slightly fancier take on this)
  • Fruit skewers
  • Punchbowl of soda water infused with berries and slices of citrus

The party conclusion
When the fun-times are wrapping up, sub-out the conventional candy-crammed party bag for alternatives we’ve suggested here. Then send the tackers on their merry way!

By Angela Johnson (BHSc Nut Med)