01 Beetroot Pistachio Mint Dip

This delicious dip is rich and creamy. Because a little goes a long way we freeze half of the batch to keep for a rainy day. You could use almonds as a variation, and dried mint would give an interesting flavour if you don’t have any fresh herbs.

Makes around 1 1/2 cups


  • 2 - medium beetroot
  • 100g - pistachios, toasted
  • 0.5cup - extra virgin olive oil
  • 2tbsp - fresh mint leaves
  • juice of half a lemon
  • 1tsp - salt


  1. Put the whole beetroot in a large saucepan and cover with cold water.
  2. Bring to the boil and simmer for around an hour until a knife pierces through the skin.
  3. When cool enough to handle, slip the skins off, quarter, and set aside.
  4. In the small bowl of a food processor, put the beetroot and the remaining ingredients.
  5. Blitz until smooth.