Puffed Millet, Quinoa, Tahini Bars

These are a remedy to the super sweet sesame bars of our youth. Here the tahini provides a delicious sesame flavour, while millet, quinoa flakes, and buckwheat give a healthy energy boost. We’ve added in some cacao because who doesn’t love chocolate, but feel free to adapt this recipe to your taste.

Makes 10 small bars


  • 1cup - puffet millet
  • 1cup - quinoa flakes
  • 2tbsp - raw buckwheat
  • 2tbsp - cacao
  • 2tbsp - coconut oil
  • 1cup - tahini
  • 4 - fresh dates


  1. Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and combine.
  2. In a saucepan melt the coconut oil and tahini together.
  3. Mash the dates into the tahini/coconut oil mix – you could also do this in a processor but no need to get another bowl dirty, a bit of elbow grease makes easy work of fresh dates.
  4. Pour into the dry ingredients and mix well, we find using a fork best for this.
  5. Press into a small baking tray or square cake tin and put in the freezer for half an hour to set.
  6. Cut into small slices and enjoy straight from the freezer or slightly defrosted.