unspecified-4A lovely little dessert that you can prepare in 15 minutes, pop in the fridge and have ready to go for the evening or the following day. The coconut milk and cream make these quite rich, so use 100ml capacity ramekins or dishes to create the perfect portion.
Makes 6-8.


  • 270mL - coconut milk
  • 270mL - coconut cream
  • 2 - whole star anise
  • 3 - sheets titanium gelatine
  • 1 - large ripe banana
  • strawberries & cocoa to serve


1. Bring the coconut milk and cream to the boil with the star anise, and then set aside for 20 minutes to infuse.
2. Remove the star anise, then add the banana and use a hand blender to process until smooth.
3. Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water for five minutes, then remove and squeeze out the excess liquid.
4. Put the cream mixture back on a low heat, add the gelatine leaves and stir until dissolved.
5. Divide among 6-8 small ramekins and put in the fridge for 3-4 hours or overnight.
6. Serve with fresh strawberries and dusted with cocoa.