In mid December 2014 my partner and I decided to get healthy and give up sugar. We started out doing a 10 day juice fast and drank only freshly pressed green juice. The detox from sugar was harsh but we both pushed through.

When we started we both weighed 103.4 kgs. I was a diabetic (type 2) on medication and insulin and I was also taking blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication. My partner was taking blood pressure medication. We both ditched our meds and within days of quitting sugar our blood pressure had returned to normal. My blood sugar levels were at a reasonable level for a diabetic but by no means perfect. They were good enough considering.

In 10 days we both lost 5 kgs each!

Then we started a sugar control diet and ate unlimited veg, fruit, nuts, meat, fish, eggs and even some cheese. We continued to lose weight and felt healthy.

Now in mid Feb 2015 we are both more than 10 kgs lighter and my blood glucose levels are almost that of a non diabetic. We are both happier fitter and committed to our new sugar free lives. One of the better decisions of my life!

Jordanna Zareb