It’s fair to say Damon had some pretty nasty things happen to his body after eating 2400 teaspoons of sugar over 60 days (sadly what many of the population are also eating).

As a result, a lot of time and care was taken to make sure his recovery was swift but also gentle on his system. This site and That Sugar Book provide some of the recipes designed by Damon’s girlfriend, Zoe Tuckwell Smith, under the guidance of the nutritionist from the film, Sharon Johnston. They were constructed to nurture and ease Damon’s body off the sugar and to help him lose the dangerous weight he had rapidly gained.

In addition, we have an ever-growing collection of recipes, curated by resident That Sugar recipe creator Victoria Thaine, that we hope will provide inspiration for others who are looking to live a healthier life and reduce their sugar intake. The best news is, they all taste sensational.